Order online before Thursday at 8am for Saturday curbside pick up or shop the market Saturdays 8am - 12pm.


MARKET UPDATE June 15, 2020

From June 15th to the 21st, farmers markets across Arizona unite with “Fresh. Healthy. Arizona Farmers Markets” to promote safe practices in efforts to keep our communities safe and keep markets open as pivotal access points for farmers to sell fresh produce.

The state of Arizona is getting back to business, and it’s more important than ever that farmers markets, vendors and customers continue best health to keep our markets safe, essential, and open to the community at large.

While farmers markets have been deemed “essential” services by Gov. Ducey, we want Arizona farmers markets to feel empowered and supported in promoting healthy practices at the market!


MARKET UPDATE May 20, 2020

As the state and nation begin to re-open, the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market will continue operating under strict protocol as an essential service.  Market staff and vendors will follow the policies put in place to create a safe atmosphere according to best practices put forth from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), and local health officials.  While the farmers market has always been a natural community gathering place to meet friends and take the dog, CFC staff ask customers to continue to utilize DPFM as a grocery outlet and respect social distancing guidelines during this time.

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MARKET UPDATE April 18, 2020 We're excited to launch Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market Online Ordering, a curated selection featuring some of the freshest, high-quality foods the farmers market has to offer. We'll be adding in new products each week, but we've launched off with fresh produce, breads, cheese, pastas, proteins and more!
Here’s how it works:
  1. Pre-order your groceries online before Thursdays at 8am.
  2. After you submit your order, be sure to specify your preferred pickup time from the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market.
  3. On Saturday, park in our free lot on the southwest corner of 1st Street and Mckinley. Give us a call when you arrive and one of our team members will bring the order to your car.
While the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market is open as an essential service, we're working on new ways to support our farmers and keep our community nourished during this crisis. If you’re not able to shop at each stand at your farmers market, you can now support local farmers and food makers by ordering fresh food for contactless curbside pickup at the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market, each Saturday from 11am - 2pm.
Every week we will add more of your favorite market items for online ordering! We add a $7 service fee to all orders, which covers transaction costs and employs our staff in new ways at the market! All farmers and food producers are paid retail prices for their products and you’re also supporting the farmers market.
Shopping with EBT/SNAP? You can receive unlimited Double Up Food Bucks matching incentives when you online shop. Read full details for ordering on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Our first 30 orders placed will receive free market swag with their orders. Thank you for keeping farmers markets viable with your purchase!

MARKET UPDATE April 3, 2020

We are so grateful for the flood of supportive messages we have received over the past few weeks, recognizing the efforts being improved upon weekly by our staff and vendors to make shopping fresh, wholesome foods a sustainable opportunity. See our safety plan below.
You have remained valued customers, offering critical feedback, following protocol, and above all, demonstrating patience and generosity. You, our community, are showing up strong for the mission of local food security. Without you, we could not do this.
So many of you have asked us how you can access fresh local food from our amazing farmers and vendors if you can't come to market, and we listened. Our new page makes it easy to arrange deliveries, pickups and more. (We'll keep it updated, so check back often!) We're also expanding the ways you can access fresh food from the market. Stay tuned for the launch of online ordering and convenient pick-up!
We Thank You!
-Your Farmers, Food Makers, DPFM organizers

MARKET UPDATE March 31, 2020 Our Plan for a Safe, Health Environment includes Vendor COVID-19 Protocol, market rules for customers, and numerous operational adjustments to ensure the safety of our staff.

MARKET UPDATE March 30, 2020 Farmers Markets will remain open Saturdays 8am - 1pm. Governor Doug Ducey issued a statewide order to protect the health and safety of Arizona and reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, "Stay home, stay healthy and stay connected", which takes effect at the end of business on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. The order urges Arizona residents to remain at home except for employment or to conduct "essential activities." Among the essential businesses; farmers markets, grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open, and restaurants will continue to offer takeout and delivery. The Arizona Department of Agriculture, the Arizona Department of Health Services, and Maricopa County Environmental Services are working with the market and have been from the beginning. Together we are doing everything we can to serve the farmers market community and keep everyone safe. In order to remain open and operating, Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market is asking customers to maintain a safe environment while shopping for essential items by following the new market rules. As a vital source for food security in our community, Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market will be OPEN Saturday’s from 8am-1pm
MARKET UPDATE March 27, 2020 We are grateful for the strength of the local community at this time. With the support of our key partners, we've jumped into action as an essential service, advocating to see tangible protection for the farmers markets and food producers in our state. Together, we are working to ensure greater food access and security at this time.
  • SNAP/EBT shoppers can receive unlimited matching for Double Up Food Bucks Arizona to buy even more fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market.
  • Pinnacle Prevention has compiled a list of vital food system resources. It is crucial we ensure everyone from school children to seniors are accessing food.
  • While demand on food banks has increased to unprecedented levels, food banks have food and are able to respond rapidly however they are in need of volunteers.
  • Local First Arizona is helping you take action to make sure we are doing all we can to support small, local, and independent businesses during these uncertain times.
  • Market vendors are expanding options to buy groceries. See our list of businesses offering pre-order, pick-up, and delivery.
  • The market is creating more ways you can shop including additional days and online options. Stay tuned! In the meantime, shop local, fresh foods every Saturday 8am - 1pm. See our adapted market layout and list of vendors online here.
  • In order to remain open and operating, Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market is asking for your help to maintain a safe environment while shopping for your essential items by following our new market rules. Thank you all for your support and patience during this time!

MARKET UPDATE March 23, 2020 Governor Doug Ducey Executive Order naming Farmers Markets an Essential Business.

MARKET UPDATE March 20, 2020 We thank you for your patience as concerns about the spread of COVID-19 grow, we are doing everything we can to stay informed and respond appropriately. The market is vital to food access for consumers and the livelihoods of our small businesses. Therefore, Community Food Connections has committed to continuing to operate as a grocery outlet during this time. However, it is essential that we all take serious precautions to prevent the spreading of illness. In addition to the safety steps our market made last week, we continue to adapt to best protect the health of the community. We thank you for your support and patience during this time as we operate with a limited market place and a reduced number of vendors.
  1. We believe in the importance of social distancing and self-quarantine to decrease the spread of the virus. Therefore, shoppers are asked to shop and then please go! We encourage you to look at this week's market layout to see who will be at the market and plan your shopping list to minimize the time you are at the market.
  2. We ask you to shop for loved ones and help reduce the number of people at the market. Please do not make the market a social gathering to meet friends. This is also not a time to bring your furry friends. NO PETS ALLOWED.
  3. We encourage you to pre-order items, check out our list of vendors here, or use a card to eliminate the need for transactions. Many of our vendors are offering alternative pick up times, delivery and other options to shop local.
  4. We ask shoppers not to touch vendor products to avoid the spread of illness. Vendors will help you select items.IMG_3884

MARKET UPDATE March 12, 2020
As a source for food in our community, like a grocery store, Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market will be OPEN Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m
The market is vital to food access for our community and to the livelihoods of our small businesses. We are committed to doing everything possible to keep the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market a healthy place for our shoppers, vendors, staff and volunteers while providing fresh and nutritious food to the public.
Our team is working to assure we are following best practices from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) and local health officials, to ensure that our market offers nutritious food in a safe environment. There is no evidence that food is a source of transmission for the virus.
To increase cleanliness, we will:
  • Set up Sanitation Stations throughout the market.
  • Create more shopping space and less compact aisles.
  • Sanitize frequently all high-touch surfaces including sales equipment, ATM machines, restrooms, etc.
  • Temporarily close community gathering areas such as workshops, cooking demonstrations, kids corner, and our dining tables.
Our vendors will:
  • Temporarily stop samples at the market.
  • Pre-package produce, offer closed containers and single use containers.
  • Reconfigure stall spaces to assure that shoppers have plenty of space to select and purchase products.
  • Use care when handling credit cards and allow shoppers to avoid touching mobile sales screens.
  • Post signage that encourages limited handling of produce and products.
If it becomes necessary to make changes to conducting the market, we will provide notification on our e-mail, website, text, facebook, instagram and twitter. We're working on an online ordering option for customers to pre-order groceries. Check out our instagram stories to see which vendors are offering pre-orders for pick up and delivery this week! More updates to come.
Stay in touch with weekly market updates with our new market mobile messaging app. Opt-in to receive Friday updates about what's in season at the market and special weekend features.

MARKET UPDATE March 5, 2020
We want to let you all know that we’re keeping a close watch on the latest news regarding the coronavirus.
Currently, the Arizona Department of Health Services states that the risk to the general public of contracting the coronavirus is low, as there are a small number of individual cases. More information here. However, at DPFM we are taking steps to help our shoppers and vendors protect themselves from the virus.
As of now, the most effective precautions involve washing your hands often with soap and water. As always, at the farmers market we will have a handwashing station with both liquid soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer next to our portable toilet. We will also have hand sanitizer available at the market information booth, and we are encouraging vendors to carry it at their booths as well.
We are encouraging our vendors and customers to take note that if you are experiencing symptoms such as fever or dry cough, please stay home to take care of yourself and protect others. We will be sure to continue to update our community and take serious precautions to spread germs this season.
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