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Cold Brew - Blue House Coffee

Cold Brew - Blue House Coffee

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Blue House Coffee’s Cold Brew Concentrate allows you to make your cold brew just the way you want it. Simply add water and your favorite fixings, and you'll be on your way to enjoying a refreshing cold brew whenever and wherever you like it. Formulated to be perfect in large batches
or single servings!

Flavor Notes: Creamy Body, Chocolate Cherry, Juicy Acidity.

Using nitrogen pressurization and a toddy method, we were the first coffee company in Arizona to serve cold-brew coffee on tap via kegs. This allows us to keep the iced coffee colder and fresher. It has since been adopted by many other local coffee shops.

This high-octane coffee nectar known as cold-brew is made in cold water over about 20 hours, extracting complex flavors that are decimated when using hot water. Cold-brew concentrate is a third less acidic than a traditional cup of coffee.

● Each 32 oz concentrate bottle makes 3⁄4 - 1 gallon of cold brew
● Perfect ratio is 1 bottle of concentrate to 2-3 bottles of filtered water
● Cold brewed using our Espresso blend

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