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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

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12oz bag of Costa Rica - Don Eli - San Juan White Honey Process

Grind Size Options:

  1. Coarse - French press, cold brew. 
  2. Medium - pour over, Chemex, conventional coffee makers. 
  3. Fine - espresso


Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar, Macadamia Nut, Mulled Wine, Red Apple, Chocolate


Process: White Honey Process

Variety: Catuai

Region: Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Altitude: 1,600 meters


The Blue House Team had the honor of visiting Carlos Montero and his family who own the Don Eli coffee farm and mill in Tarrazu.


This coffee is part of a collaboration between the Don Eli Microbeneficio (Micromill) and a start-up farming operation. The coffee is grown on the San Juan Lot, part of a community project that Carlos Montero leads which empowers neighboring farmers to move into the specialty coffee market. Carlos bought cherries from two brothers named Rafael and Victor Fernandez who are testing out the specialty supply chain. 


The Montero family lives in El Llano de La Piedra, between the towns of San Marcos and Santa Maria de Dota in the Tarrazu canton of Costa Rica. The micromill, Microbeneficio Don Eli, is located across the river from their home, fully equipped for processing fully Washed and Honey coffees and covered drying beds for Natural coffees as well. 

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