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Meet Colin!


As I’ve been an avid patron of the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market for several years, I’m excited to join the market team and support the continual growth of our community. I love what the market represents. It’s an inclusive space that supports the livelihoods of local entrepreneurs and growers. It provides sustenance, fosters friendships, and is a catalyst for positive change in the lives of many. 

I feel this position tailors greatly toward my interests in advancing sustainability-oriented agendas through community involvement. I’m a recent recipient of a Bachelors of Science from ASU’s School of Sustainability, where I studied a diverse set of concise subjects such as ecology, food systems, and social justice. In my young adult life, I’ve sought to improve my lifestyle by making informed decisions that not only affect my health in a positive manner, but also the health of others.

I’m a transplant from St. Louis, Missouri, and have lived downtown for the past seven years. The experiences I’ve shared in Phoenix have been invaluable to my growth. My bike is my primary form of transportation, which is a nice perk of living downtown. I’m a cookie monster at all times of the day, and will occasionally indulge in other locally curated sweets. I love food. I love cooking and sharing meals. What's my favorite home cooked meal you ask? I’ll get there! Plants are amazing, and the people who help them grow are equally amazing. I’m a practitioner for yoga, specifically Ashtanga. For me, this means providing stimulation for my brain and body, so that I retain clarity and fitness in my life. 

One of my favorite meals I like to prepare involves an assortment of veggies and herbs that I obtain from the market. For my base, I like to throw hardy vegetables together such as broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes in a pan. I’ll chop them up to the size of my liking, and put some water in the pan with olive oil. I’ll then crank up the heat on the stove top, usually on low to medium heat to let them saute and absorb moisture. Once they are nearing the tenderness I prefer, I may toss in other veggies such as zucchini or green beans to get them slightly tender as well. At this point I also throw in some finely cut hot peppers as I enjoy foods with a bite to them. Once the veggies are finished cooking I’ll throw some in a bowl, and save the rest for leftovers. In addition to the cooked veggies, I’ll add raw onions and tomatoes. I love avocados, so I always incorporate these into my meals. Then I’ll add whichever fresh herbs/edible flowers I have at my disposal such as basil, cilantro, and squash blossoms. Lastly, I like to add a bit of balsamic vinaigrette with fresh lemon or lime juice. This is a meal I always enjoy eating hot or cold! 

I couldn’t have imagined a better opportunity to improve and sustain the well-being of others in my community. I’m eager to join an organization that allows for my own growth while simultaneously pursuing communal growth. Together, we shall strengthen our local food systems, small businesses, and enhance the connections we share with one another. Social cohesion and inclusion are vital for ensuring Earth’s systems remain stable and fruitful indefinitely. We perform at our best in solidarity.


See you Saturdays,

Colin Dueker

Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market Manager

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