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Crooked Sky Farms needs your help!

TAKE ACTION - Crooked Sky Farm and Farmer Frank Need Your Help!

Within 60 days, the City of Phoenix will be taking back the land @crookedskyfarms owns located on 27th Avenue, where Frank has been farming the last 10 years. Arizona is rapidly losing viable farmland and losing Crooked Sky Farms would be devastating to our farming community.

Our friends at Pinnacle Prevention have put together an easy way you can help! Click here to send letters to Phoenix City Council and Martha Ojeda at Acquisition Sciences, LTD, to let them know how valuable Crooked Sky Farms is to our communities and food system and how important it is to have the City of Phoenix stand by their commitment to fully help this farm transition to a new site and be able to continue farming. Did you know Crooked Sky Farms is located less than 4 miles away from the Phoenix Public Market!

So, why is eating local, seasonal produce so important?

Not only are you able to taste the benefits and enjoy the flavors of naturally grown fresh produce (do a taste test at home with imported produce from the grocery store!) but you are also...
1. Supporting food safety in our community.
2. Helping to preserve farmland and green space.
3. Promoting food variety for the area.
4. Enhancing our local economy.

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